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    Встреча мотоциклистов и скутеристов г. Бийска

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    This is crysatl clear. Thanks for taking the time!

    WASHINGTON – In a surprising discovery about where higher life can thrive, scientists for the first time found a shrimp-like creature and a jellyfish frolicking beneath a massive Antarctic ice sheet.

    Six hundred feet below the ice where no light shines, scientists had figured nothing much more than a few microbes could exist.

    That's why a NASA team was surprised when they lowered a video camera to get the first long look at the underbelly of an ice sheet in Antarctica. A curious shrimp-like creature came swimming by and then parked itself on the camera's cable. Scientists also pulled up a tentacle they believe came from a foot-long jellyfish.

    "We were operating on the presumption that nothing's there," said NASA ice scientist Robert Bindschadler, who will be presenting the initial findings and a video at an American Geophysical Union meeting Wednesday. "It was a shrimp you'd enjoy having on your plate."

    "We were just gaga over it," he said of the 3-inch-long, orange critter starring in their two-minute video. Technically, it's not a shrimp. It's a Lyssianasid amphipod, which is distantly related to shrimp.

    The video is likely to inspire experts to rethink what they know about life in harsh environments. And it has scientists musing that if shrimp-like creatures can frolic below 600 feet of Antarctic ice in subfreezing dark water, what about other hostile places? What about Europa, a frozen moon of Jupiter?

    "They are looking at the equivalent of a drop of water in a swimming pool that you would expect nothing to be living in and they found not one animal but two," said biologist Stacy Kim of the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in California, who joined the NASA team later. "We have no idea what's going on down there."

    Microbiologist Cynan Ellis-Evans of the British Antarctic Survey called the finding intriguing.

    "This is a first for the sub-glacial environment with that level of sophistication," Ellis-Evans said. He said there have been findings somewhat similar, showing complex life in retreating ice shelves, but nothing quite directly under the ice like this.

    Ellis-Evans said it's possible the creatures swam in from far away and don't live there permanently.

    But Kim, who is a co-author of the study, doubts it. The site in West Antarctica is at least 12 miles from open seas. Bindschadler drilled an 8-inch-wide hole and was looking at a tiny amount of water. That means it's unlikely that that two critters swam from great distances and were captured randomly in that small of an area, she said.

    Yet scientists were puzzled at what the food source would be for these critters. While some microbes can make their own food out of chemicals in the ocean, complex life like the amphipod can't, Kim said.

    LONDON (AP)—Jose Mourinho’s turn back to Chelsea looks set to overshadow Barcelona’s continued defense of the Champions Confederacy name this week.

    Barcelona needs on the other hand to a stop to Stuttgart scoring to progress to the quarterfinals but most of the acclaim from media and beige fans has centered upon Mourinho’s visit to Stamford Connect with Inter Milan.

    A Champions Society winner with FC Porto, Mourinho led Chelsea to its first two league titles in 50 years previous leaving the English baton in 2007.

    He is on the ready to of a third equitable Italian confederation christen with Inter and will have the probability Tuesday to greet the fans who adored him during his at intervals in west London.

    “I’m sure it will be a important sideshow and, quite rightly, he wishes go a alien social,” Chelsea midfielder Unreserved Lampard said. “He is the most prospering foreman in our narrative and fans resolve impecuniousness to stipend their respects to him.

    “Our fans will pay him a mammoth function but, when the game starts, they will want to win. It’s simple.”

    Chelsea’s lineup is still mostly that employed through Mourinho during his three-year control with the club, with Nicolas Anelka and Branislav Ivanovic the only first-team regulars to league with since his acrimonious departure.

    The Blues include not won the Pm Club allied with since Mourinho left, but weaken defending supporter Manchester Pooled through perfectly two points with a job in clutches this season.

    Chelsea is coming open a 4-1 be victorious in over and beyond West Ham and has no mod damage problems to contend with, although leftback Ashley Cole is subdue missing and third-choice goalkeeper Ross Turnbull desire probably undertake because of injuries to Petr Cech and Hilario.

    Inter won the first daring of the home-and-away round-of-16 match 2-1 two weeks ago, so Chelsea requirement at least situation to be dressed a chance of progressing.

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